• $2.89


WHAT Puff with a wide surface that is used when applying makeup. This product is made from hydrophilic polyurethane material.
WHEN Use this product when blending your makeup. Can be used for blending foundation, BB Cream and concealer
RECOMMENDED FOR This product is recommended to anyone who want a smooth makeup. With the wide surface that helps apply makeup evenly
BENEFIT Made from hydrophilic polyurethane material so that when absorbing water the makeup will be more moisturizing like Korean makeup. This product can be used repeatedly.
HOW TO USE Use this puff when applying products like foundation, BB cream and concealer
GENERAL TIP Soak this puff in water until it enlarges 2 times and then squeeze the water. If you want a moist skin then use a wet puff while tapping on the skin. At the time of cleaning the puff use a dish cleanser or puff cleaner and warm water with a ratio of 1: 2

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