Teacher says holidays are ‘tough’ gets wonderful surprise from her pupils

A  secondary school teacher in Toronto as recently been the beneficiary of some wonderful kind acts by her pupils. Sarah Thurston spends her days and sometimes even nights teaching children from the ages of 7-12 and anyone who has kids knows the difficulties in doing so. Managing classes of up to 50 students at a time Sarah says that sometimes it can be a little too much to handle and that given her age she sometimes just doesn’t have the energy to continue. However in a surprising turn of events one holiday season, Sarah received the best present a teacher could receive.

“The kids asked me what I had planned for the holiday season and I really didn’t have an idea other than relax. I find the holidays very difficult and lonely” Sarah stated in a previous interview following the events.

“Well the kids responded in the best possible way, they through me a Christmas party and made all the organisations themselves, with the help of the other teachers of course!’

What better way to show appreciation for a teacher who has put in years of dedication. The moment Sarah walked into her classroom the students began cheering and displaying the collage of decorations. The plan to have her called out of class by a fellow teacher so the children had enough time to set everything in place was thought up of entirely by the students.

“I could not contain my emotions! Its really a wonderful time of year and what better way to spend it with the people I spend most of my time with!” Sarah exclaimed.

The story has reached thousands of followers over the last few weeks and really highlights the importance of community spirit and kind actions. Teachers are often overlooked but they are some of the most underappreciated people. We hope you enjoyed this surprise as much as we did and if you would like to read more similar stories then visit our blog. You can also sign up to our mailing list for discounts on our webstore.

Teachers shape the future and people like Sarah are shaping a great one!

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