Kiwi Finds Lady’s Purse Filled With $10K And Brings It To Police, She Comes Back With Reward

Melissa Stemwood was standing on the bus platform when she spotted a Chanel handbag just sitting on the ground. Realizing this was a very expensive bag and that no one was coming back to claim it, Melissa peeked inside to see if he could find the owner’s identification.

Instead, she found an envelope filled with $10,000 in cold, hard cash.

Melissa was absolutely shocked by the amount of money and the fact someone had actually been walking around the city with it!

But it’s what Melissa did with her discovery that left even the Christchurch Police department was stunned… and that’s saying a lot. You see, she could have easily kept the bag and money and probably would’ve gotten away with it scot-free. But she didn’t.

The first thing the next morning, Melissa went down to the police department to return the lost treasures.

The officers couldn’t believe the Good Samaritan’s selflessness.

They also knew exactly who the envelope full of cash belonged to: a distraught and panicked mother who thought she’d never see it again.

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